About Therapie

I blogged my way through our IVF process as a way to release some of my emotions and thoughts. A small community was being built through my blog so I began to add categories outside of infertility such as beauty, recipes, and my personal style. I enjoyed sharing my sometimes bohemian, sometimes edgy, but always feminine style. I felt called to open my own space where all types of women could find fun and trendy outfits so I jumped into the online boutique world and have been loving every minute of it since then.

Therapie started because I needed an emotional outlet through writing, but it continues to provide so much for me and hopefully women everywhere. Whether you are petite, plus size, or anything in-between, you can find on-trend stylish pieces here to add to your wardrobe. Embrace your unique style and use #shoptherapie #spreadtherapie on social media.

I was thrilled for the opening of our Las Vegas store in May 2020, but God had other plans in store for my family and we were relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. Get ready Texas, we're bringing a new Therapie to town!

Thanks for shopping with me and remember, we all need a little Therapie!