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About Us

What is Therapie Clothes all about? That’s a good question and the answer is ever changing as the Therapie brand grows. I have had it in my heart to open my own retail boutique for quite some time and as I watched my blog and social media audience grow, I felt that calling even more strongly. I decided to take the leap off the cliff and go for it but I realized two things were still deeply affecting my bleeding heart.

The blog, previously titled The Jessica Nicol (original, right?), began as my place to release my thoughts and feelings as my husband and I went through the IVF process. Shortly after our first IVF miscarriage a relative told me I caused this to happen, I was at fault and was looking to blame someone else, and frankly it destroyed me. I felt alone and empty and still wrestle with complicated feelings on the whole thing. But I realized I wasn’t alone at all, I had the wonderful and supportive community of my blog. My blog was my therapy to life at the time and even though it was very personal to me it helped so many other women that were part of that community as well. I knew if I ever had the chance I wanted to bring a spotlight to this world of infertility, to make it a less taboo subject to talk about, and to help other couples facing this. I decided my little boutique would pay for one random customer’s IVF treatment cost annually as my way to say thank you to all of those that helped pull me through a dark time and to show others that you are not alone in this. Shopping at a store can mean so much more than buying clothes; it can mean life changes if we choose it.

When choosing the types of clothes my store would offer I reflected back on things I've heard real people say. “Fat girls don’t dress cute” and “I wouldn’t shop where a fat girl shops” are statements that told me my store needs a wider variety of sizes than we're used to seeing. Any size body can look cute in a crop top or a bodycon dress or in whatever else you want to put on yourself. Beauty is not correlated with size and while there are stores that carry plus sizes, there are not enough of them. I hope in some small way my store can be a therapy of sorts to the world's beauty standards.

And so the name Therapie came to be! We offer trendy clothes at affordable prices for a variety of body shapes and sizes. We're a mix of bohemian, edgy, and contemporary styles. New products will be posted frequently so check back often and remember, we all need a little Therapie.


Thanks for shopping with me,

            Jessica Boone