A Prayer For Guidance

A Prayer For Guidance

One of my personal goals for this new year is to reignite my relationship with Jesus because if 2021 taught me one thing, it's that I cannot get through this life on my own.

As I opened the Bible app on my phone, I said a silent prayer that God would reveal a devotional for the season of life I currently find myself in. He led me to a series titled Prayers for a Fresh Start and let me tell you, day one was powerful. Isn't it amazing how He leads us to what we need when we need it? I can't recommend the YouVersion Bible app enough and if you are seeking a spiritual revival I urge you to search for this series. Below you'll find the first day's prayer:


You know my heart. You understand my deepest wants and needs, and you know my every intention. You know me better than I know myself. There is nowhere I could run to escape your presence, and nothing I could hide from you.

You alone are worthy of my praise.

I don't always know what to ask for when I pray. My soul is weary and I am tired. I often worry about making the right decision, but I want to live a life that honors you.

Even though I may feel like I can't move forward or see what's ahead, you see me and you know me so please guide me. Show me the paths that lead to abundant life, and draw me near when I am tempted to stray from you.

I will place my hope in you at all times because you know all things, and you hold my life in your hands. You are my strength in times of need, and you are my salvation. 

So hold me close Lord, and teach my to walk in a manner worthy of the calling you have given me. Direct my steps as you guard my life, because I want to glorify you.

In Jesus' name,


Let me know of any other devotions you've loved to start a new year. I know I'll be repeating this prayer throughout the year.


This post was written by our Owner, Jessica Boone.


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    Susan: May 11, 2022

    I start every day in my You Version Bible app,so very pleased to see a business owner brave enough to share her faith ❤

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